Round One Match Reports

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Round 1 Match Reports


The A Grade girls had a very tough hit out against Mornington in our first game. Unfortunately we let Mornington get the jump on us in the first quarter so we had to fight out the rest of the game. Each quarter after that we stuck close with them and our defensive pressure both down court and in the circle was fantastic to see. Missed opportunities and not being able to convert from these turnovers meant we went down at the final siren.   BOG goes to Lyshae Barry who was everywhere defensively.

Great to see the B grade girls win with a convincing win against some quality opposition. We certainly should have capitalised on a few more turnovers to further the gap on the scoreboard but awesome to start the season with the 4 points.    BOG went to Maddie McLeish in the defensive end who applied some great pressure forcing loads of turnover. Great work Mads.

The C grade girls were great coming away with a 42 - 29 win after an absolutely amazing fourth quarter. The centre court connected the ends with speed and understanding of what was required, our defenders worked hard applying pressure and our goalers did a fine job with converting.    Lauren and Laura did a fantastic job on the wings.

D grade girls, worked really well together, supporting and backing one another up. Still getting to know each other on the court they did a great job to come away with the win.   BOG goes to Kristy who led from the start of game with amazing talk and defence work.


A Grade YCW 25 def by Mornington 37

B Grade YCW 42 def Mornington 33

C Grade YCW 42 def Mornington 29

D Grade YCW 27 def Mornington 16 .

Auction Players

A Grade - Lyshae Barry                                  B Grade- Maddie MacLeish

C Grade- Laura Ferguson                              D Grade- Kirsty Keenan 




 Heading down to play Mornington at Mornington is never an easy task and we knew that we were in for a tough day form the first bounce. Kicking against a strong breeze we made a good start with a quick goal to Ben Buckley, we were controlling play but had trouble hitting the score board. Mornington took advantage of having the wind at their backs and kicked 6 goals to have us trailing by 30 points at ¼ time.

The second quarter was a complete turnaround with the pressure being applied to Mornington players all over the ground allowing us to kick 9 goals with the wind to take a 14 point lead into half time. Josh Butland and Anthony Bruhn were causing headaches in the forward line with 3 & 2 goals respectively and our mid field was getting their hands on the ball first thanks to some good work by Ash & Macklin in the ruck.

The 3rd quarter brought heavy rain and the game became an arm wrestle with the wet conditions, we managed to hold onto a 9 point lead going into the last quarter. A really strong last quarter highlighted by some great defensive work by our backline and strength around the stoppages by our mid field group saw us extend our lead and win by 22 points.

Frankston YCW;  14.13 (97) def  Mornington  11.9 (75)


Joshua Butland 4, Anthony Bruhn 3, Lachlan Wallace 2, Paul Minchington 1, Luke Paynter 1, Jack Mazurek 1, Macklin Raine 1, Benjamin Buckley 1

Best Players

Lachlan Wallace, Kevin Lylak, Byron Barry, Ryan Santon, Joshua Butland, Christian Ongarello


A young Reserves team played a much improved Mornington team on Saturday. With up to seven players coming up from last year’s U19 team and three players new to the team, it was a completely new look Reserves side.


Up against Mornington at Mornington in the first game of the year was never going to be an easy one. It was obvious from the first bounce and with the windy conditions it was going to be a scrappy but highly contested game of footy for the whole four quarters.


The boys started well and contained Mornington in the first quarter, who kicked with the assistance of the strong breeze to be trailing by only 1 point at quarter time. This set us up for a good second quarter and with good ball movement coming out of the backline we were able to set our forwards up and kick 5 goals to two, to give us a handy three goal lead at half time.


The second half played out very similar to the first with our backline working overtime in the third quarter. Luckily Mornington had many missed opportunities in front of goal and our forwards made the most of their opportunities by kicking two really good goals against the wind . This meant we were able to maintain our lead coming into the last quarter 3 goals ahead.

With the boys kicking with the wind in the last quarter, we probably thought it was going to be an easy win but with legs tiring we struggled to hit the scoreboard. The boys however fought off a strong finishing Mornington side  with some brilliant individual efforts to come home winners by 9 points.

 This was a great start to the season and a great team effort by all players.

 Frankston YCW 10.4 (64) def Mornington 7.13 (55)


Tyler Sigley 4, Bradley Wakeling 4, Nicholas King 1, Steven O'Donnell 1


Jack Butland, Adam Treweek, Trent Cowled, Lucas Lee, Brendan Marchmont, Mitchell Rowe.


The 19s started their 2017 campaign with an away win against and improved Mornington.


We suspected an ambush and got one falling to a 22 point deficit late in the 1st quarter after goaling in the first minute with a decisive centre clearance.  Mornington had the wind and were superior with, and harder at the ball despite us dominating the ruck, but two late goals, again from quick clearances and fast thinking narrowed the deficit to 10 points at quarter time.

 Despite Mornington continuing to benefit with their short kicking game we eventually got our intensity to the level required and started creating more chances.  The midfield battle started to even up and we better utilised our ruck dominance.

 Big Baz Williams created some nasty around the packs and the relentlessness of Gus Wright and Dos (1st Time) Raphael paid dividends with Streety kicking everything.

Mornington pretty much failed to trouble the scorers after quarter time adding 1.4 to their tally whilst we managed to pile on 13.7 up to the final bell.

Plenty of chirp and lift in the middle from “Zulu” Hura and DP made Blacky and Henry’s job worthwhile and in defence the boys continued to run off their opponents.

Watching Lachlan Street play footy is like watching Mark Waugh bat and he relished the forward line opportunity which he often does snagging a lazy 7 all the while looking like he was still asleep.

Much bigger challenges await and great to see blokes working to make a name for themselves.

Frankston YCW 16.7 (103) def Mornington 5.8 (38)


Lachlan Street 7, Josh Berenger 3, Dylan Preston 2, Liam Rossetto 1, Andrew Kelly 1, Harrison Lane 1, Luke Findikakis 1


Lachlan Street, Josh Berenger, Angus Wright, Samuel Hatch, Luke Black, Henry Vine