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Have you ever...

Laid a tackle, kicked a goal or took a mark at Jubilee Park?

Stood shoulder to shoulder and sung ‘We are the Mighty Stoners……’ with your last drop of energy after an unlikely victory?

Stood cold on a freezing Sunday morning watching your kid chase a kick on the Trotting Track?

Worn the famous FYCW football jumper on Grand Final day?

Had a beer on the hill with mates watching the Stonecats defeat another opponent

Sat upstairs on a cold Saturday arvo, watching the boys battle outside, thinking….How good is this?

Stood proud in the crowd at Frankston Park and cheered the boys to another Premiership victory?

Been asked who you follow in the local footy and you reply …. “I’m a Stonecat”


Well now is the time to stand up one more time and become a Collopy Club Member in 2017.

The objective of the Collopy Club is to establish a group of passionate members with a focus to establish a 12 month revenue stream for the FYCWFNC. The costs to run a successful Football/Netball Club increase year on year and traditional revenue streams such as bar, canteen and sponsorship are no longer sufficient to cover the rising costs. A well-supported and vibrant Collopy Club Coterie group can help bridge the financial gap the revenue streams above are unable to fill.

Never before, in our rich history, has the Club needed your support more so get on board and become a financial member. For the cost of two coffees/ beers a week ($10 per week) you can become a Collopy Club Coterie member and receive the benefits listed below:


Cost: $500 or weekly/fortnightly direct debit payment options available.



Please contact:  Mick Theobald 0410 440 575  or any committee member for more details.