Past Player / Club 20 Membership

Mick Leo (Deceased)
The number 20 holds a special place in the Clubs history as it was the number that Mick Leo wore in all of his games for the Stonecats.
Mick was everything you could possibly want in a clubman and team mate. He was not a naturally gifted footballer but he was one of the most dedicated, determined, passionate, courageous and loyal players to ever represent the Frankston YCW FC. He was a proud man who loved to play footy with his mates at YCW and particularly proud to achieve 24 Senior games as well as 141 Reserves games. Mick absolutely cherished the Reserves premierships of 1996 and 1997. For him there was no other club. You could always count on Mick to go in hard and to be always encouraging his team mates with his voice no matter what the scoreboard said. When you took to the field of battle with Mick Leo, you knew he would give everything he had to help our team – you cannot ask for more than that and that is why his team mates loved him. Mick tragically passed away in a car accident on 16th April 1999. As a way of recognising Mick Leo?s contribution to the Frankston YCW Football Club the Past Players group has been named Club 20 and the Reserves perpetual trophy for the Best Club person is awarded annually in his honour.


All Past Player members are entitled to:

Past Player Membership Cost $70