We come from Jubilee park

Football has been and will always be the fabric of Australian society. It provides all of us with an enormous array of emotions from sheer elation and excitement to the depths of despair and disappointment. Sometimes all of these emotions are felt during one game of football.

Football also provides us with many memories and introduces us to many people that remain with us for the rest of our lives.

The Frankston YCW Football Club, during its 50 year history, has taken us all along for a great ride and provided everyone associated with the club so many wonderful memories and exciting times and introduced us to many wonderful people some of whom are lifelong friends.

‘We come from Jubilee Park’ A History of the Frankston YCW Football Club 1959-2009 details the life of the club from its humble beginnings in 1959 through to the powerhouse it now is on the Mornington Peninsula.



Download: We come from Jubilee Park (171.1 Mb) - The History of the Frankston YCW Football Club 1959 - 2009
Written by Ian Purchase & Allan Hardstone