Club History - Seniors

 Executive & Club Honour Board


 First Meeting of the 1967 YCW Committee

Back Row:  Dave Thomas, Wayne Peacock, Jack Wagg, Erminio Rossetto, Peter Grant, Ian Gaff, Ron Baker, Peter Catarinich (Coach), Unknown, Unknown, Des Thompson, Terry Rosenbrock.
At Table: Jim Mckew (Treasurer), Keiran Brady (President), Father Murphy (YCW Chaplain), John Black, Dr Kevin Collopy (Secretary).

Best Senior Club Person
2016 G Wintle T Hanley Paul Busuttil  T Hanley 
2015 G Wintle T Hanley G Hatch  R Matthews 
2014 G Wintle Paul Busuttil   John Coburn  M White 
2013 Neil Redderway  Paul Busuttil   John Coburn  P Strickland 
2012 Neil Redderway  G Hatch   Paul Busuttil T Barry 
2011 Sean Lafontaine  G Hatch   Paul Busuttil R Street 
2010 Sean Lafontaine Dave Leary  Paul Busuttil Paul Busuttil & G. Charles 
2009 Sean Lafontaine Dave Leary Paul Busuttil Dave Leary
2008 Greg Lane Dave Leary Graham Joseph Noel Gregory
2007 Greg Lane  Christine Carey  Graham Joseph  Neil Redderway 
2006 Greg Lane  Christine Carey Graham Joseph Graham Joseph
2005 Greg Lane  Christine Carey John Coburn Allan Hardstone
2004 Greg Lane  Christine Carey Sean Lafontaine Sean LaFontaine
2003 Greg Lane  John Coburn Sean Lafontaine Colin Carey
2002 Bradley Ostermeyer Christine Carey Sean Lafontaine Colin & Chris Carey
2001 Bradley Ostermeyer Christine Carey Michael Theobald Michael Theobald
2000 Bradley Ostermeyer Christine Carey Michael Theobald Peter Barry
1999 John Coburn Bradley Ostermeyer Michael Theobald Garry White
1998 John Coburn Bradley Ostermeyer Greg Cahill Allan Hardstone & Bradley Ostermeyer
1997 John Coburn Bradley Ostermeyer Greg Cahill Bryan Coghlan
1996 Paul Meagher John Coburn Greg Cahill  K. McKechnie
1995 Peter Wakeling Paul Desmond Greg Cahill John Coburn
1994 Marcus Leonard Michelle Graham Robyn Peebles Kel McCormick
1993 Marcus Leonard Michelle Graham Robyn Peebles David Blick
1992 Marcus Leonard Michelle Graham Ray Cullen Bryan Bool
1991 Marcus Leonard Paul Desmond Ray Cullen Brett Marchmont
1990 Des Schultz Paul Desmond Vin Webster Reg & Dell Gregory
1989 Des Schultz Mathew Phillips Vin Webster Paul Desmond
1988 Kevin Bergin Mathew Phillips Vin Webster Mark Callaghan
1987 Kevin Bergin John Lombard Vin Webster Peter Angelico
1986 Dr W. Peter Wright Betty Wade Vin Webster Harry Baird
1985 Tony Wood Harry Baird Geoff Neil Rose Baird
1984 Tony Wood Garry Epstein  Geoff Neil  Remigio Rossetto 
1983 Ian Purchase Garry Epstein Betty Wade Sean Rossi
1982 Ian Purchase Kevin Bergin Betty Wade Ron Brown
1981 Douglas McKenzie Kevin Bergin Betty Wade Patrick Moynihan
1980 Daryl Wade John G. Kenter Snr Daryl Wade Patrick Burzacott
1979 Daryl Wade  Brian Turley Frank Antonie  Betty Wade
1978 Dr Kevin Collopy Brian Turley Frank Antonie  Simon Thompson
1977 Dr Kevin Collopy Brian Turley Frank Antonie  Nan Moynihan
1976 John C. Ostermeyer Dr Kevin Collopy Frank Antonie  Ron McFarlane
1975 John C. Ostermeyer Dr Kevin Collopy Des Macumber Emilio Rossetto
1974 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy Des Macumber Charles Leeworthy
1973 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy John Roberts Les Quigley
1972 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy Jim McKew William Hillas
1971 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy Jim McKew Jerry Moynihan
1970 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy Des Thompson jack Carroll
1969 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy Jim McKew Peter Grant
1968 Jack Wagg Dr Kevin Collopy Jim McKew John Peacock
1967 Kieran Brady Dr Kevin Collopy Jim McKew Alan Wagg
1966 Frank Martin Dr Kevin Collopy Jim McKew  
1965 Frank Martin Harry Kennan Jim McKew  


 Senior Team

1967 Seniors - First YCW Senior Team.

Back Row: Con Van Haaster, Peter White, Ewan Cole, David Delaney, Minio Rossetto, Peter Evans, Dr Collopy.

Centre Row:  Kevin Brady (President), Peter Wright, Kevin Wilson, John Peacock, Robert Mullen, Peter Lovelock, Anthony Murray, John Paganoni, John Brady, David Dafonte, Ron Bake (Manager).

Front Row:  H Thomas, D Walker, Fred Pase (VC), Peter Catarinich (Capt/Coach), Maurie Keenan, T Greig, Raymond Cullen, Peter McMillan.  

** Denotes League winner.

Best & Fairest
Leading Goal-Kicker
Team Captain
2016  K. Hutchison    Jai Coghlan S. Mathers    Premiers
2015  K. Hutchison    Jai Coghlan S. Mathers    Premiers
2014 Anthony Barry    Jai Coghlan S. Mathers    Premiers
2013 Anthony Barry    Anthony Barry Anthony Barry    
2012 A. Eames    Anthony Barry Anthony Barry    Premiers
2011 Anthony Barry    Anthony Barry Anthony Barry    Premiers
2010 B. Barry    Anthony Barry Anthony Barry    Premiers
2009 Ben Poole Ben Hackett  D. Anderson & Anthony Barry Anthony Barry  Allan Hardstone &
 Colin Carey
2008 Anthony Barry Ben Hackett  D. Anderson Anthony Barry   Allan Hardstone &
 Colin Carey
2007 Anthony Barry Glen Boyd  D. Anderson Anthony Barry   Allan Hardstone &
 Colin Carey
2006 Ben Webster Daniel Marshall  Daniel Marshall   Doug Koop  Allan Hardstone &
 Colin Carey
2005 Ben Webster Daniel Marshall  Mark Berenger   Doug Koop  Allan Hardstone  2nd
2004 Brad Campbell Adam McIntrye  Mark Berenger    Doug Koop  Colin Carey  4th
2003 Brendan Long Steve Veenstra  Mark Berenger   Doug Koop  Colin Carey  Premiers
2002 Brendan Long Steve Veenstra   Mark Berenger   Mark Heaysman  Craig Wehner  5th
2001 Emilio Merchan Glen Miche  Mark Berenger   Peter Freeman  Craig Wehner  5th
2000 Brendan Long Ben Vogelzang  Joseph Lane   Peter Freeman  Brian Coghlan  3rd
1999 Paul Theobald Brett Hughes  Joseph Lane   Grahaeme Kendall  Brian Coghlan  8th
1998 Brendan Long Dom Kennedy  Joseph Lane   Grahaeme Kendall  Brian Coghlan  5th
1997 Brendan Long Tony Dibben  Joseph Lane   Grahaeme Kendall  Brian Coghlan  Premiers
1996 Brendan Long Scott Bingley  Joseph Lane   Trevor Perrin  Brian Coghlan  5th
1995 Joseph Lane Scott Bingley  Joseph Lane   Trevor Perrin  Brian Coghlan  7th
1994 Brendan Long Brett Hughes  Paul Theobald   Scott Bingley  Brian Bool  2nd
1993 Mark Berenger Richard Whitfield  Paul Theobald   Josh Kendall  Brian Bool  Premiers
1992 Brendan Long Richard Whitfield**  Paul Theobald   Josh Kendall  Brian Bool  Premiers
1991 Damien Hardstone Richard Whitfield**  Jim Bruin   Josh Kendall  Brian Bool  Premiers
1990 Paul Theobald Chris Hutchinson  Jim Bruin   Brendan lacy  Brian Bool  5th
1989 Jim Bruin Sean LaFontaine  Jim Bruin   Brendan lacy  Jim Baxter  Premiers
1988 Paul Davison Chris Hutchinson  Greg Lane   Greg Lane   Dennis Delaney  2nd
1987 Paul Epstein Leo Harney  Steve Scaglarini   Steve Scaglarini   Andy Bassett  3rd
1986 Paul Davison Leo Harney  Steve Scaglarini    Steve Scaglarini   John Lombard  7th
1985 Paul Davison Ken Little  Paul Davison   Neville Eckles  John Lombard  7th
1984 Paul Housden Ken Little   Paul Housden   Neville Eckles  John Lombard  7th
1983 Lloyd Brown Gavin Davis  Paul Meagher   Paul Meagher   Paul Neylan  10th
1982 Lloyd Brown  Patrick Hura Paul Meagher   Paul Meagher   Doug McKenzie  8th
1981 Lloyd Brown  Chris Doherty Jim Bruin   Graham English  Paul Neylan  7th
1980 Lloyd Brown  Chris Doherty Lloyd Brown   Graham English  Paul Neylan  3rd
1979 John Kenter  Chris Doherty Lloyd Brown   Ron McFarlane  Doug McKenzie  2nd
1978 Paul Housden  Paul Willis Ewan Cole   Ron McFarlane  Doug McKenzie  5th
1977 Lloyd Brown  Paul Willis** Ewan Cole   Ron McFarlane  Doug McKenzie  4th
1976 Michael McCarthy  Paul Willis** Ewan Cole   Laurie McMahon   Neil Kingston  2nd
1975 Peter Hamilton**  Paul Willis** Ewan Cole  Laurie McMahon   Doug McKenzie  Premiers
1974 Ewan Cole  Paul Willis** Laurie McMahon   Laurie McMahon   Doug McKenzie  Premiers
1973 Peter Hamilton  Mark Evans Laurie McMahon  Laurie McMahon   Doug McKenzie  3rd
1972 Ewan Cole  Mark Evans Laurie McMahon  Laurie McMahon   Doug McKenzie  4th
1971 Ewan Cole  Mark Evans** Garry Epstein  Peter Catarinich  Doug McKenzie  6th
1970 Peter Catarinich**  Wayne Peacock Peter Catarinich  Peter Catarinich  Doug McKenzie  3rd
1969 Peter Catarinich  John Croughan Peter Catarinich  Peter Catarinich  Doug McKenzie  8th
1968 Peter Catarinich  Peter Catarinich Peter Catarinich  Peter Catarinich  Doug McKenzie  Premiers
1967 Peter Catarinich  Peter Lovelock Peter Catarinich  Peter Catarinich  Ron Baker  3rd



Reserves Team

1969 YCW Reserves Team

Back Row: Alan Wagg, Michael Sherlock, David McKenzie, Unknown, Fred Pase

3rd Row: Unknown, Peter Lovell, David Clarke, Brian Sullivan

2nd Row: Ray Cullen, John Paganoni, Terry Rosenbrock, Graeme Burgess, Jim Hallpike, Unknown

Front Row: Michael Johanssen, John Peacock (Captain), Tom Bonnice, Jack Groenenddaal

** Denotes League winner. 

Best & Fairest
Leading Goal-Kicker
Team Captain
2009 Andrew Taylor  Michael Chaplin** 55 Sean Hegarty &
Daniel Strickland
 Nick Schneider  Colin Carey  
2008 Nick Brown  Michael Chaplin 33  Sean Hegarty  Sean Lafontaine  Miranda Brown  
2007 Andrew Taylor  Robert Johnson 25  Sean Hegarty  Sean Lafontaine  Dave Leary  
2006 Andrew Taylor  Sean Hegarty 25  Sean Hegarty  Sean Lafontaine  Dave Leary  
2005 Robert Leary  Sean Hegarty 17  Sean Hegarty  Sean Lafontaine  Dave Leary  
2004 Joshua Leary**  Mathew Meagher 33  Brad Ostermeryer  Damien Hardstone  Dave Leary  
2003 Shaun McGinness  Andrew Schneider &
 Nick Schneider
40  Brad Ostermeryer  Damien Hardstone  Dave Leary  
2002 Scott Deas  Mathew Meagher 35  Brad Ostermeryer  Damien Hardstone  Peter Falzon  
2001 Daniel Wehner  Mathew Meagher** 54  Brad Ostermeryer  Damien Hardstone  Allan Hardstone  
2000 Damien Hardstone  Andrew Schneider 26  Brad Ostermeryer  Peter Barry  Allan Hardstone  
1999 Ben Davies  Chris Bourke 28  Brad Ostermeryer  Peter Barry  Allan Hardstone  
1998 Adrian Monterosso  Andrew Schneider &
 G Prendergast
20  Brad Ostermeryer  Chris Hutchinson  Allan Hardstone  
1997 Mick Leo  Wayne Nicholls** 79  Brad Ostermeryer  Chris Hutchinson  Allan Hardstone  
1996 Matt Hutchins  Wayne Nicholls 28  Brad Ostermeryer  Chris Hutchinson  Mick Callaghan  
1995 Brad Ostermeyer  Wayne Nicholls 42  Brad Ostermeryer  Paul Meagher  Mick Callaghan  
1994 Vin Brancatisano  Chris Hutchinson 79  Michael Theobald  Paul Meagher  Paul Desmond  
1993 Matt Hutchins  Mick Lane 29  Tony Marchmont  Paul Meagher  Paul Desmond  
1992 Tont Marchmont  Kristian Plummer 51  Tony Marchmont  Jimmy Bruin  Nick Wright  
1991 Goeff Cleary**  Ken McCormack 34  Tony Marchmont  Ken McCormack  Roger Anderson  
1990 Vin Brancatisano &
J Smith
 Smith, Garlic &
 L Rosetto
12  Brad Ostermeryer  Ken McCormack  Michael Harrak  
1989 Goeff Cleary  Kristian Plummer &
 Chris Hutchinson
13  Brett Marchmont  Paul Meagher  Roger Anderson  
1988 Mathew Long  Paul Calleja 25  Brett Marchmont  Paul Meagher  Roger Anderson  
1987 Steve Anderson  Mick Lane 36  John Coburn  Peter Brown  Gary Epstein  
1986 Peter Hoyne  Peter Lane 38  John Coburn  Peter Brown  Phil ODonnell  
1985 Andy Bassett      Paul Desmond  Paul Desmond  Peter Cummins  
1984 Anthony Wood  Kelvin Simpson 42  Mark Agnew  Mark Agnew    
1983 Anthony Wood  Peter Lane 20  Anthony Wood  Neville Eckles  Peter Angelico  
1982 Anthony Baird  Remidgio Rossetto 35  Anthony Wood  Anthony Wood  Ron Brown  
1981 Neil Hardie  G Abrehart 12  Anthony Wood  Anthony Wood  Ron Brown  
1980 Anthony Wood      Anthony Wood  Anthony Wood  Ron Brown  
1979 Remidgio Rossetto  Remidgio Rossetto &
 S Wade
26  Neville Eckles  Neville Eckles  Simon Thompson  
1978 Remidgio Rossetto  Luke Quigley** 64  Mick Goonan  Mick Goonan  Simon Thompson  
1977 Remidgio Rossetto**  Remidgio Rossetto 34  Remidgio Rossetto  Remidgio Rossetto  Simon Thompson  
1976 Bernie Monty  Bernie Monty    Peter McKenna  Peter McKenna  Ray Rees  
1975 Remidgio Rossetto**  Bernie Monty 62  Bernie McKeown  Bernie McKeown  Graham Burgess  
1974 Peter Evans &
P Grosstate
 Bernie Monty    Bernie McKeown  Bernie McKeown  D Macumber  
1973 John Rowe  Bernie Monty 33  John Rowe  John Rowe  Jack Carroll  
1972 John Rowe  Michael Lovelock** 84  Terry Rosenbrock  Terry Rosenbrock  Jack Carroll  
1971 Michael Lovelock  Michael Lovelock    John Peacock  Terry Rosenbrock  Jack Carroll  
1970 Jack Groenendaal  Michael Lovelock 21  Terry Rosenbrock  Dave Thomas  Peter Grant  
1969 Ian Burgess  Ray Cullen 12  John Peacock  Dave Thomas  Peter Grant  
1968 Tom Bonnice  Michael Johannsen 11  Jim Rossi  Dave Thomas  C Elders  


3rds / Unders Team


 1959 YCW Under 17s Team

Back Row: John Griffiths (Secretary), Peter Cooper, Trevor Harris, Christopher Lourey (Vice Capt), Robert Jesser, Robert Pivetta, Kevin Martin

Centre Row: Frank A Fitzpatrick (Manager), Paddy Rosenbrock, Malcolm Sutton, John Smith, Barry Francis, Greg Cattenach, Martin Leivues, Trevor Curl, Rev. Father Sheehy, Eric Paganoni (Coach)

Front Row: Peter Spark, Garry Winderbank, Dennis County, Frank Fitzgerald (Captain), John Fitzpatrick, Ian Mitchell.

 ** Denotes League winner. 

Best & Fairest
Leading Goal-Kicker
Team Captain
2009 Ethan Rahilly &
Andrew Fowler
 Jack Dunn**  57  Mathew Gibbs  Scott Mathers  Denise Swales  2nd
2008 Matt Sibberas &
David Bodley
 Ryley Lavallin  48  Daniel McNamara  Scott Mathers  Denise Swales  Premiers
2007 Josh Exner  Michael Chaplin  58  Steve Roberts  Scott Mathers  Denise Swales  2nd
2006 Kyle Hutchinson  Michael Chaplin  53  David Chapman  John Kennedy  Ross Allan  3rd
2005 Angus McNab  Andrew Borrie &
 Orry Lack
 38  Angus McNab  Anthony Barry  Miranda Brown  Premiers
2004 Brendan Casper  Brett Robinson  34  Stewart Sweetman  Anthony Barry  Miranda Brown  3rd
2003 Ben Poole  Brett Robinson  30  Christopher Boal  Anthony Barry  Glenn Smith  2nd
2002 Hadley Tomamichel  Chris Hogan  15  Daniel Strickland  Neil Redderway  Chris Carey  6th
2001 Ben Webster  Stewart Robertson**  57  Stewart Robertson  Neil Redderway  Chris Carey  2nd
2000 Daniel Wehner  Stewart Robertson  31  Brad Gauci  Neil Redderway  Craig Wehner  3rd
1999 Craig Nankervis  Jarrod Smith  41  Mark Nankervis  Mark Heaysman  Chris Carey  Premiers
1998 Simon Coughlan      Brad Wakeling  Ray Harper  Adrian Coughlan  3rd
1997 Benjamin Rocky  Patrick Falzon  36  David Collins  Robert Smith  Adrian Coughlan  7th
1996 Leon Cheah  David Collins  39  Brendan Coghlan  Damien Hardstone  Allan Hardstone  Premiers
1995 Daniel Millman  Heath Sanderson  34  Daniel Millman  Damien Hardstone  Patrick Raleigh  2nd
1994    Ryan Poole  44  Daniel Millman  Damien Hardstone  Deborah Oakes  6th
1993 Chris Bourke  Aaron Hura  36  Mathew Lane  Ged Bourke  Peter Harrison  7th
1992 Aaron Hura  Aaron Hura  50  Chris Bourke  Guy Hura  Michael Lane  4th
1991 Brendan Cleary &
Daniel Garlick
 Danny LaFontaine  40  Brett Donald  Peter Harrison  G Hargrave  4th
1990 Craig Corfield  Mathew Goldfinch  45    Barry Freer  Harold Grey  4th
1989 Brendan Cleary &
Sean OConnor
 A Butler  20    Brett Marchmont  Bryan Bool  3rd
1988    Kris Plummer**  47  Carl Paul  Guy Hura  James Baxter  Premiers
1987    John Cullen  59  Lance Rossetto  Remidgio Rossetto  Ray Cullen  5th
1986 Vin Brancatisano  Paul Theobald    David Webster  Dr W Peter Wright  Max Willmot  2nd
1985 Joseph Lane  Joseph Lane  37  T OBrien  Dr W Peter Wright  Max Willmot  4th
1984          Noel Gregory  Kevin Bergin  6th
1983 Tim McCormick  S McInerney &
 Tim McCormick
 7    Shane Hillas  Michael Wade  9th
1982 (No Team)            
1981 Paul Epstein  Chris Hoyne  35  Brendan Donahoe  Bruce Todd  Garry Epstein  3rd
1980 Brendan Donahoe  Richard Burley  62  Brendan Donahoe  Paul Meagher  Garry Epstein  4th
1979 Michael Naughton  Chris Hoyne    Tony Freeman  Paul Housden  Garry Epstein  Premiers
1978 Steve Hill  Richard Burley**  73  Steve Hill  Colin Bowes  Daryl Wade  Premiers
1977 John Kenter  Simon Kennedy  46  Anthony Hammond  Kevin Pendergast  Daryl Wade  Premiers
1976 Shane Hillas  Luke Quigley**    Shane Hillas  Ron McFarlane  Barry Wall  Premiers
1975 Graham Koch  Simon Kennedy**  112  Shane Hillas  Ron McFarlane  William Baldwin  2nd
1974 Ian Young  Neil Fergus    Neil Fergus  Ron McFarlane  Neil Kingston  Premiers
1973 Neil Fergus  Grant Thomas  18  Neil Fergus  Ron Edgar  Neil Kingston  6th
1972 Anthony Lovelock  Robert Talbot  58  Robert Talbot  Ian Gaff  Gary Speakman  5th
1971 Shane Castles  Robert Genovese**  80  John Bonnice  Peter Grant  Guy Speakman  2nd
1970 Peter Munroe  Mark Evans  38  Mark Evans  Peter Catannich  D Haeusler  2nd
1969 David Clark  Mark Evans  50  Mark Evans  Ian Gaff  Darby Munroe  2nd
1968 John Croughan**  John Croughan  51  John Croughan  Des Thompson  Arthur Croughan  2nd
1967 Peter Lovelock  Peter Lovelock    Peter Lovelock  Des Thompson  Jack Wagg  3rd
1966 Robert Mullen  Peter Lovelock**  81  Fred Pase  Kevin Collopy  Jack Wagg  5th
1965 Fred Pase      Frank Noonan  Kevin Collopy  Jack Wagg  8th
1964          Eric Anstey Jack Wagg  4th
1959          Eric Paganoni Frank A Fitzpatrick  3rd